Old red barn paint safety

LisaHello, We recently bought a rustic house that is finished with beautiful barn siding on the walls. They have quite a bit of remnant red paint. They are from an old barn in Iowa, and I have no idea how old they are. In much of the area, the red color seems to have...

How To Build Barn on Old Barn Foundation

HannahHi everyone, We live on a property with an old barn foundation (previous owners tore down the barn…assuming for structural reasons). We want to re-build a barn here and are unsure how to proceed. Here are the big questions: 1) There is existing concrete...

Increase Snow Load

Nathan SmedleyHello I plan on building a 40×50 horse barn in the mountains but I need a roof snow load of 97psf. How do I increase this from the current plans?


PamelaGood Morning! We have your 20×30 gambrel with 10ft shed plans. I’m trying to locate a calculation for size of piers. Can you please advise? Thanks and Happy Easter!

Insulating an OLD barn

Adrianne We recently bought a historic ranch with beautiful 100 year old barns! They are structurally sound but very drafty, to the point snow drifts in. We’re in Colorado near a mountain peak at 8500ft elevation, so we get blizzards and a lot of wind. We would...