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Barngeek FAQ

Barn Hardware

How do I get a shipping quote?

To get a shipping quote for your Barn Hardware Kit, please email info@barngeek.com with your delivery address.

Where do you ship?

We can ship our Barn Hardware Kits to the lower 48 states, and select areas of Canada. To inquire about shipping, please email info@barngeek.com.

How long does it take to get my order?

During the spring/summer our wait time is 4-6 weeks, and during the winter it is 8-10 weeks. We continue to work on ways to get your orders out to you faster.

Can I place a custom order for barn hardware?

Yes, we can do custom orders. To get an Estimate, please email your hardware needs and delivery address to info@barngeek.com


Barn Plans Library

How do I order the Barn Plans Library?

You can purchase the Barn Plans Library here: https://barngeek.com/ by clicking “Download the barn plans library now”

Can I order just one plan?

Yes, you can purchase the plan you want. It is included in the Barn Plans Library. When you purchase the library you can choose to download one plan or all of the plans.

What do you get in the Barn Plans Library?

Included in the Library is over 20 digital barn plans, how to videos, our ebook, and resources to help you plan and build your barn.

I’ve purchased the Library and I’m having trouble logging in, what do I do?

If you haven’t created your login and password, please check your email for information after purchase. If you don’t see an email, please check your spam folder.

If you have already created your login, but have forgotten your password and need help resetting it please email info@barngeek.com with your request.

Do your plans have engineer stamps?

Our digital plans do not include engineer stamps. Engineer stamps are usually done by local engineers or architects that are familiar with local code requirements and soil types and conditions. It is best to use our digital plans as a design and communication tool when speaking with your local engineer or architect.

Building a Barn

How can I calculate the cost of building my new barn?

Figuring cost with the Barn plans library: http://www.barngeek.com/barn-plans-cost-to-build.html

Build a 20×30 Sugar Shack for under 12k: http://www.barngeek.com/Barn-Plans-Article-Series1.html

Do your digital barn plans come with foundation plans?

Our barn plans come with a post layout. You will need to discuss your project with your local building department or concrete contractor to discover which foundation is best for your location and soil type.

How can I learn more about cutting angles and installing brackets?

In our membership area, we have how to videos on these subjects.

You can also find videos on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BarnGeek/videos


Barn Homes

Do you offer Barn Homes?

Many of our customers have successfully converted our digital plans into a Barn Home.

How can I convert a digital barn plan into a Barn Home?



Old Barns

Do you buy old barn wood?

Barngeek.com does not purchase old barn wood, but we do offer resources for people who have an old barn they would like to sell or have salvaged. These resources are available here:

Barns for Sale: http://www.barngeek.com/barns-for-sale.html

Old Barns to Salvage: http://www.barngeek.com/barn-siding-old-barns-to-salvage.html

Reclamation Companies: http://www.barngeek.com/Reclaimed-lumber-companies.html

How do I list my old barn for sale or salvage?

You can choose which place you would like it listed and then follow the directions on the page. Please remember to read the instructions carefully and don’t forget to add your contact information in the body of the listing. Ads without pictures will not be posted. If you are having trouble uploading pics, please downsize them using a free website like picmonkey.com.

How do I remove my listing?

If you would like your listing removed, please email info@barngeek.com with your listing’s link and request that it be removed.

*Please note: We are currently working to set up a new classified ads system for our Barns for Sale, Old Barns to Salvage and Reclamation company listings.


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Jay Bell 40×60 Gambrel Build

Jay Bell 40×60 Gambrel Build

Jay Bell Posted to the Barngeeks DIY Facebook Group 2/27/23 My wife and I moved from New Hampshire to Texas in 2018 after retirement. In New Hampshire we owned an antique home built in 1840 that had a 40’ X 60’ bank barn attached to the house, which was my inspiration...

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Barn Interview: John Casper

Barn Interview: John Casper

"Probably the most gratifying part of this whole project is every time someone new; friend, family, associates, what have you, come step through that door for the first time, people I've known my whole life or people I've just met just through work associations or...

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 Ancient Jib Pole, A Game Changer for Your Barn Project

Simple Jib Pole saves Your Back and Your Wallet!  My sister and her husband are building an off grid Barn Home, AKA a Barndominium on a raw piece of land, this will be their forever home. Their plan is to do so with as little cost as possible, while maintaining a High...

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5 Steps to build a Barn Business and beat Big Lumber

1. Assess the local market.This kind of business is easiest to run in the country, however there might be an Urban Market, in your area. It’s really an appealing product anywhere, you just have to identify what marketing angle works best for your area. You might have...

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3×4 chicken coop with solar power

Built this coop from the free plan - reduced the size a bit. It can be moved around the yard - has wheels on a single axle in the centre. Light activated door is operated with solar power

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Old red barn paint safety

Hello, We recently bought a rustic house that is finished with beautiful barn siding on the walls. They have quite a bit of remnant red paint. They are from an old barn in Iowa, and I have no idea how old they are. In much of the area, the red color seems to have...

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