Old Barns For Sale

Have an old barn for sale?  This is the place to list it! 

Maybe you are looking for that great old barn that will make your homestead complete.  This is where you will find it. 

It is free to list for individuals. 

Here are a few guidelines for you to follow that will help you sell your barn faster. 

Please read the guidelines below carefully. 

We reserve the right to delete postings that have incomplete information.    

1. Great pictures:  Be sure to post some really good pictures of your barn.  Two pictures of the outside and two of the inside.  Get a close-up of the beams.  Get an overall view of the outside preferably from one corner of your barn.

2. A Great story: Does your barn have some unique history?  Share it!  A great story will go a long way toward selling your barn above the others.

3. Dimensions: Include any dimensions that will help your visitors determine if your barn is the barn for them.

What are the over all outside dimensions?

Does your barn have a hay loft?  How big is it?

How big are beams?  Are they 8×8 or 10×10? bigger? smaller?

Does your barn have granaries?  How big are they?

4. Are the beams hand hewn or rough sawn? or Is it a plank built barn?

5. Do you know what year it was built?

6. Does it need any repair work, or replacement pieces?

7. Does the barn need to be moved or are you selling the property with it?

8. How much time will you allow for removal of your barn?

9. Anything else you feel is important to know about your barn?


Please note: All submissions must have at least one picture and a minimum of 100 words describing the barn.

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