Bellweather Historic Barn Frame dated 1864 – Wakeman, Ohio

Story by Randy Smith in Clare Mt. Gilead We just completed the barn raising on the Bellweather Historic Barn Frame dated 1864. This barn measures 40'x62' and is located in Wakeman Ohio.The crew from Ohio Valley Barn Salvage just completed resetting the frame on an 8"...

Colvin Quarter Circle A ranch, State Road 62 outside of Parrish, FL

Story by Michael Taylor in Gulfport, FL From the 10th chapter of Growing Up Floridian The barn Built during the first year we came to the Quarter Circle A Ranch in 1958, the barn dwarfed all the other structures on the ranch. The ranch's owners, the Colvin family,...

Barn Frame Conversion Project by *Ohio Valley Barn Salvage* Mt. Gilead, Ohio

Story by Randy Smith in Mt. Gilead, OH This 1850's 30'x50' all handhewn frame was saved by the crew at Ohio Valley Barn Salvage and has been reset on its new foundation. The barn conversion will be used as a showroom for an upcoming barn frame conversion company....

Rebirth of an Old Gambrel Barn

Story by BarnGeek in Michigan The owner of the place where this old barn used to live invited me out to see if we could resurrect her. She had disappeared long ago and all that remained was an old stone foundation. There were trees, vines. and bushes, growing around...

Thanks for the great design and detailed plans!!

Project in TN We did cheat and used a large crane to set our bents as you will see 🙂 Thanks for the great design and detailed plans!! You guys are very helpful. I learned its tricky to drill holes perfectly straight through the 6" posts with my drill onsite 🙂 I know...

Dairy Farm-Monongahela, Pa

Story by Marie Necciai in Monongahela Pa I had my barn reclaimed this past spring of 2015. This beautiful structure was in my family for over 5 generations. My father was born here as long with all 6 of his brothers and sisters. These old walls could tell wonderful...

Laverty South of Farwell

Story by Ron in Indianapolis IN This is the last round roof barn my grandfather build, I believe in 1931. The year is on the side, but but has been covered with steel siding. I remember going into this barn as a kid in the ' 60's then in the 70's and being fascinated...

Balsam Farm

Story of  Balsam Farm in Clare County Michigan by Wayne Jaynes I just purchased a small farm with a 40 by 80 barn in fairly good shape, I plan to repair it and keep it in great shape. I've been told that it is best to keep hay in it or it will crumble, is this true? I...

The Barn at Shiloh Ridge ranch, Quinlan, TX

Story by Andy Yates in Texas I found Barngeek web site in the midst of my research to find "the barn" . After retiring in December 2013 I ordered plans for the 30 x 40 gable barn. It took me a while to really commit to getting started as I continued to toy with other...

Jolleybell horse barn OTOE Co Nebraska

Story by Dane in Unadilla NE This Horse barn was built in 1900 and sit atop a 160 acres of crop and pasture land. No longer used by my family cattle business it has now become my project for a residence. I am amazed at how calming it is while working on the site and...

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