Trammell: 60×60 Gable Horse Barn in Arkansas

Jared Trammell Posted to the Barngeeks DIY Facebook Group 2/22/23 60’ x 60’. Oak frame, pine and oak girts and purlins, pine decking, oak board and batten sides, 12’ bent spacing. Horse barn plans with several mods. I asked a bunch of questions before starting. Many...

30×46 Gambrel built with local lumber

Michelle Johnson Posted to the Barngeeks DIY Facebook Group 2/22/23 We hired a contractor friend to build our Barn Geek 30 x 46 Gambrel barn…and are so happy with how it turned out! We used locally milled rough cut Douglas fir and sealed the exterior with a product...

Jay Bell 40×60 Gambrel Build

Jay Bell Posted to the Barngeeks DIY Facebook Group 2/27/23 My wife and I moved from New Hampshire to Texas in 2018 after retirement. In New Hampshire we owned an antique home built in 1840 that had a 40’ X 60’ bank barn attached to the house, which was my inspiration...

Barn Interview: John Casper

"Probably the most gratifying part of this whole project is every time someone new; friend, family, associates, what have you, come step through that door for the first time, people I've known my whole life or people I've just met just through work associations or...

 Ancient Jib Pole, A Game Changer for Your Barn Project

Simple Jib Pole saves Your Back and Your Wallet!  My sister and her husband are building an off grid Barn Home, AKA a Barndominium on a raw piece of land, this will be their forever home. Their plan is to do so with as little cost as possible, while maintaining a High...

Bellweather Historic Barn Frame dated 1864 – Wakeman, Ohio

Story by Randy Smith in Clare Mt. Gilead We just completed the barn raising on the Bellweather Historic Barn Frame dated 1864. This barn measures 40'x62' and is located in Wakeman Ohio.The crew from Ohio Valley Barn Salvage just completed resetting the frame on an 8"...

Colvin Quarter Circle A ranch, State Road 62 outside of Parrish, FL

Story by Michael Taylor in Gulfport, FL From the 10th chapter of Growing Up Floridian The barn Built during the first year we came to the Quarter Circle A Ranch in 1958, the barn dwarfed all the other structures on the ranch. The ranch's owners, the Colvin family,...

Barn Frame Conversion Project by *Ohio Valley Barn Salvage* Mt. Gilead, Ohio

Story by Randy Smith in Mt. Gilead, OH This 1850's 30'x50' all handhewn frame was saved by the crew at Ohio Valley Barn Salvage and has been reset on its new foundation. The barn conversion will be used as a showroom for an upcoming barn frame conversion company....

Rebirth of an Old Gambrel Barn

Story by BarnGeek in Michigan The owner of the place where this old barn used to live invited me out to see if we could resurrect her. She had disappeared long ago and all that remained was an old stone foundation. There were trees, vines. and bushes, growing around...

Thanks for the great design and detailed plans!!

Project in TN We did cheat and used a large crane to set our bents as you will see 🙂 Thanks for the great design and detailed plans!! You guys are very helpful. I learned its tricky to drill holes perfectly straight through the 6" posts with my drill onsite 🙂 I know...

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Maybe you have some fond memories of an old barn. Did you build hay forts in the loft of an old barn? Did you swing from the old ropes in a barn? Maybe you spent time in the middle of the night helping the family cow deliver her calf. Whatever your story is feel free to share it.

You will be helping to keep our farm tradition alive. Think of it as starting a time capsule. Your story will be around for future generations to learn from.


Speaking of a time capsule, do you know of an old barn that no longer exists? Do you have pictures of that barn. While the barn itself may be gone, you can help it live on if you give it a place to live on the web.

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The Ideal Horsebarn

The Ideal Horsebarn

Picture This: In the heart of a rolling countryside, nestled among whispering trees and fields of wildflowers, stands a timber frame barn that embodies rustic elegance and timeless charm. Its sturdy wooden beams, weathered by years of standing tall against the...

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Cutting Timbers in Advance: What is the best size to cut?

Cutting Timbers in Advance: What is the best size to cut?

Question: Aaron- Thank you for all the helpful info on your website. I just recently purchased a bandsaw mill and am going to start cutting timbers for later use. I am years away from thinking about a specific barn design but know I want to create these post and beam...

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Barn to Barndominium, The Secret’s in the Loft

Barn to Barndominium, The Secret’s in the Loft

Hey guys, Barn Geek here. This knee wall is one of those difficult things to translate from plans to real-world scale. That knee wall on the plans looks short, and people might think they won't have much room. I am approximately 5 foot 10, or 5 foot 8. This is our...

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