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Rebuilding Tradition: A Family’s Journey with BarnGeek’s Gambrel Timber Frame Barn

The old 40 x 60 barn my grandfather built in the forties collapsed in a snowstorm in 2015. I wanted to replace it with a similar style so I chose the 40 x 60 gambrel.

Fall 2019 to Now: The Story of Our 44×60 BarnGeek Barndominium!

We are thrilled to share an inspiring story from one of our Barn Plans Library members. This family embarked on a remarkable journey to transform our BarnGeek 40x50 plan into their dream home. Back in the fall of 2019, they decided to mix a couple of our plans,...

Trammell: 60×60 Gable Horse Barn in Arkansas

Jared Trammell Posted to the Barngeeks DIY Facebook Group 2/22/23 60’ x 60’. Oak frame, pine and oak girts and purlins, pine decking, oak board and batten sides, 12’ bent spacing. Horse barn plans with several mods. I asked a bunch of questions before starting. Many...

30×46 Gambrel built with local lumber

At BarnGeek, nothing brings us more joy than seeing our plans come to life in the hands of our talented and dedicated customers. Today, we are excited to share the inspiring story of a customer who turned our 30x46 Gambrel barn plan into a stunning, functional...

Jay Bell 40×60 Gambrel Build

Jay Bell Posted to the Barngeeks DIY Facebook Group 2/27/23 My wife and I moved from New Hampshire to Texas in 2018 after retirement. In New Hampshire we owned an antique home built in 1840 that had a 40’ X 60’ bank barn attached to the house, which was my inspiration...

Barn Interview: John Casper

"Probably the most gratifying part of this whole project is every time someone new; friend, family, associates, what have you, come step through that door for the first time, people I've known my whole life or people I've just met just through work associations or...

 “Aaron was able to obtain high quality 150 year old reclaimed oak and have it milled as full length, wide floor boards for installation throughout the second floor of our rustic home ( He also provided similar wood for the staircase. The results are phenomenal, and the work was professional and very reasonably priced. Aaron went out of his way to get us these special building materials that help made our home construction extra special. We would look forward to working with Aaron on another project in the future.” June 28, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , High Integrity

Derrick Mancini hired Aaron as a Milled recovered hardwood in 2006

“Aaron provided a well engineered Timber Frame Barn Kit. During the design process he worked with me to custom design exactly what I needed. The materials where all delivered to my site in a timely manner. Any small issues that came up, where quickly dealt with by Aaron himself. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to build an out-building that truly complements your home, to contact Aaron to discuss the advantages of Timber Framing!” July 13, 2010

Top qualities: Personable , Good Value , High Integrity

Brad Moore hired Aaron as a Timber Frame Barn Provider in 2009

Gary’s Barn

I have always enjoyed working in the woods, and at the saw mill.

Lucky for me a close neighbor has a saw mill, so its convenient.

Three years ago when I started to see Ash trees dyeing in my woods I decide to cut them, and make timbers. Always fascinated by old timber frame Barns that was the start I needed.
I cut, sawed, stacked, lathed, and started my building plans.
The timber framing is Ash from my farm which has been in our family since 1951 when my parents purchased it.
When I was in high school I planted the white pine trees as part of my FFA project in 1966. My Dad helped me plant the trees, so a great memory of my Dad. My Dad took a old two bottom plow, and made it a one bottom, hooked on our 8n ford tractor, and plowed a furrow to plant the trees. I would like to think I was a good planner, and knew I would use the trees for lumber some day, but not sure I would have thought it was possible.
Once I had all my lumber l got my permits, and found a Barn builder interested in helping me build my barn. The builder was Amish who had his three sons, and a nephew on his crew. I had a neighbor Help me do the staining, and sorting the lumber. That took 16 days to build the barn with the Amish. I did some detail work after that, install windows, stairs, door hardware etc.

All of the above was the easy part.

Making decisions on design, stain, framing, and the right materials was the hard part. With the help from Aaron, and all the information from the Barn Geek i had all the information I needed. When I asked Aaron a question I received the answer the same day.
I appreciated all the help, and Will pass on any information from my experience.

– Gary Moseman

I turned 70 last year, and retired at age 66. A timber frame Barn does take time, and more planning but a great accomplishment.
I hope guys like us inspire more guys to keep doing what they enjoy.
Aaron you have been a big part in keeping our Grandfathers  history, and heritages from being forgotten.
You should be proud of your accomplishments, and the help you have passed on to others.

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Free Chicken Coop Plans

Free Chicken Coop Plans

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Best exterior coating for a barn?

Question asked in the BarnGeeks Facebook Group 4/21/24 Does anybody have any recommendations of the best exterior coating for a 40x60 gambrel? Unfortunately the wood is not rough cut so it won't absorb as well as all of the beams and the frame. I used iron oxide mixed...

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The Best Treats for Your Chickens this Summer

The Best Treats for Your Chickens this Summer

What are the best treats for my chickens? What can I safely feed my chickens? Let's look at some common chicken treats and what makes them good for you (your wallet) and your chickens! 1. Food scraps Low waste, low cost, and tons of fun! What could be better? Chickens...

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Barn Kits Avalible in 2024

Barn Kits Avalible in 2024

Full Barn Kits are Back!   Have you thought to yourself, “I would sure love to build one of those BarnGeek Barns but I just wish I could get everything I need to build it in one all inclusive kit!”   Well, today is your lucky day! We are proud to announce...

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The Ideal Horsebarn

The Ideal Horsebarn

Picture This: In the heart of a rolling countryside, nestled among whispering trees and fields of wildflowers, stands a timber frame barn that embodies rustic elegance and timeless charm. Its sturdy wooden beams, weathered by years of standing tall against the...

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