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20×30 King Post Barn, Pavilion, Cabin, Garage, or Farm Stand Plans

The 20x30 King Post barn as a pavilion

The 20×30 King Post Barn Design.

I set out to design a building that minimized lumber use, as to be the most economical that it can be, and still maintain the attractiveness and strength of our other post and beam barn designs.
The 20×30 King Post as a pavilion uses 1,868 board feet. At the average market price of softwood construction lumber around $650 to $1,000 per thousand bd ft. Or $ 0.65 to $1.00 per board ft, that would be a total lumber only cost of $1,200 to $2,000!
Add to that $1,500 in steel roofing, and about $700 in hardware, and the material for this pavilion will cost a total of $4,200 on the high end!
You may be able to find your lumber at your local sawmill at a lower price, or cut your own.  I based my calculations on the average price for softwood construction grade lumber that I could find.
If you own, even a small manual sawmill, you should be able to cut that material yourself with a helper, in about a weekend. Get plans for this barn and many others here…
I designed this king post barn specifically to compete with a conventional post frame or “pole barn”
I did this for a specific reason. Our post and beam barn designs, are not comparable to a post frame barn. Post and beam is FAR superior, in every way.
In the past if you wanted something quick and cheap, post and beam was not the right choice.
This design is a game changer, the construction is very fast, and the material cost is much less than the cost of a conventional post frame building right now.
Ordinarily that wouldn’t be true, but this post and beam design completely destroys conventional post frame construction.
I set out to make small sawmills competitive with the big lumber monopolies with this design, so that our local economies, are less dependent on these big centralized systems.
Because this design uses locally harvested, rough sawn lumber, trucking is far less of an issue. The lumber for this as a pavilion weighs 6,000 lbs and can be hauled on a tandem axle 20′ long heavy duty car trailer, behind a 3/4 ton pickup in one trip. Add siding and that would be 2 trips.
I think the future, is in local production. The price of fuel will continue to rise, and the supply of good truck drivers will continue to fall.
If we have systems in place, that can easily pick up the slack, that can reduce shipping from hundreds to thousands of miles, to a dozen miles down the road. Then the impact of any catastrophic event, like we saw in 2021, can be much reduced.
That is local economic security, and that is better for everyone.
The 20x30 King Post barn as a pavilon from a corner angle

These are full construction plans that you can build this barn from. Plus you will also get included with these plans my ebook titled How to Build Your Post and Beam Barn. The book takes you through the whole construction process step by step, including information about securing local timbers, finding the right contractors, and preparing your site.

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Solid Steel Plate Timber Brackets

We have put together all the hardware you need to build this majestic post and beam barn! All the plates, brackets, and timber screws are there.

Learn more details and how to get your DIY Hardware Kit...

steel hardware

Hardware Kit for this barn includes….


8 U brackets

125 ct 3/8 x 8″ RSS screws

100 ct 5/16 x 5 1/8″ RSS screws

100 ct 5/16 x 4″ RSS screws


Request a quote by emailing info@barngeek.com with your name, address, and the barn you are interested in.

Hardware Pricing


4 hole strap plates

(2 needed for each connection)
$44.99 per piece Bare Steel
$52.99 per piece Powder Coated Black

6 hole strap plates

(2 needed for each connection)
$44.99 per piece Bare Steel
$52.99 per piece Powder Coated Black

T plates

(2 needed for each connection)
$54.99 per piece Bare Steel
$62.99 per piece Powder Coated Black

Plus plates

(2 needed for each connection)
$64.99 per piece Bare Steel
$72.99 per piece Powder Coated Black

U brackets
$54.99 per piece Bare Steel
$62.99 per piece Powder Coated Black

2-Stage U brackets
$64.99 per piece Bare Steel
$72.99 per piece Powder Coated Black

*Due to supply chain issues we no longer include bolts/nuts with plates or brackets.  We recommend using local sources, like TSC (tractor supply) or online sources like Bolt Depot.

*shipping is not included

We also offer RSS Screws:
3/8" x 8" RSS (Timbers)
250 ct $349
5/16 x 5 1/8" RSS (Purlins)
250 ct $149
5/16" x 4" RSS (Girts)
250 ct $129

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