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Barn Plans 42×32 Teton

These 42×32 Teton barn plans are designed to mimic the look of The Grand Teton Mountain range, and the famous barns that are featured in the national park. With it’s long sloping peak and majestic cathedral, this design would fit right in nestled in the shadow of this beautiful mountain range.

Don’t have a mountain view in your back yard? Well, maybe you can have a “mountain view” after all with this grand barn, inspired by the majestic snow covered peaks of the Teton mountain range.

These Barn Plans blend traditional good looks with modern ease of construction. This barn design has 1′ overhangs and features a strong roof to resist heavy snow. This barn design also features two 10×32 lean to’s for a nice workshop area or leave one or both open for a full length covered porch! Use the extra space for wood storage for your wood shop. Turn it into a nice Garden Barn, with some clear panels on the roof it can even be a solar powered greenhouse!

You can build this barn with your very own copy of the barn plans used to build it. These plans are only $97! Download them now and get started building that barn of your dreams!

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Features of this barn plan include..

  1. 20′ interior clear span.
  2. 9′ 10″ Clearance on the lower level center of barn
  3. 8′ Clearance in the lean to’s
  4. 9′ 9″ Clearance in the center of the loft.
  5. It has a 10:12 Gable pitch and a 5:12 pitch on the lean to’s.
  6. Steel plate joinery for extra strength.
  7. Heavy Timber Construction and extra wide posts and beams.

With a full loft you can enjoy a total of 640 square feet of space in the loft, that regular pole barn designs just don’t offer. Use this extra space to store hay, or an out of the weather place to hide out after chores. Sometimes you just want to get away from everything, shut off that cell phone and lay back in the hay. Doesn’t that sound relaxing? The sweet smell of the hay and the sound of the gentle blowing of the horses interrupted by the cackling of that Rhode island red hen announcing to the world the arrival of a freshly laid egg.

Get a DIY Hardware Kit for this barn!

We have put together all the hardware you need to build this majestic post and beam barn! All the plates, brackets, bolts, nuts and timber screws are there.

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Hardware Kit for this barn includes….

28 U brackets with bolts/nuts

32 T plates with bolts/nuts

500 ct 3/8 x 8″ RSS (Timbers)

350 ct 5/16 x 5 1/8″ RSS (Purlins)

400 ct 5/16 x 4″ RSS (Girts)

Total Price Bare Steel $3.183.40 plus shipping

Powder Coated Black $3,663.40 plus shipping

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