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Old barn wood, it will soon be gone!

The sun has gone down on the day of the family farm with old barns filled to the top with hay.

The old timber frame barn has fallen into disrepair and is crumbling. More and more of these majestic old structures are fading from our landscape.

A piece of our history and heritage is dying with them.

There is still hope.

Many of these old barns are still restorable. Most of the owners though, lack the resources to save them on their own. Other barns deteriorated so much that they can’t be saved as a whole, but there timbers and boards can be recycled.

Old barn wood can be reused as…

-wood fireplace mantles,
-eco friendly furniture, such as a farm house dining table, or -rustic bedroom furniture
-recycled wood flooring, and trim.
-stair risers
-and a lot more!

I am convinced that if you could see how beautiful a reclaimed wood floor is, you would want some antique wood floors of your own.

Every piece of old barn wood is like an old friend with a story to tell. Every nail hole is a period, every crack an exclamation, every saw mark is a word, and the dark patina a statement. All work together to tell us its story. A story of our unique American history. Won’t you bring a piece of history home with you today? What a great addition to your family it would be!

You will get a feeling of satisfaction knowing that you have preserved a piece of history for you, your children, and your grandchildren to share and pass on. A true heirloom that will add beauty and value to your home.

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