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Post and Beam Prestige

A post and beam barn is a barn that gets the wow!

How much respect will your new post and beam barn earn you?

Well,How much respect do you have for great-great grandpa? Knowing he built his barn to last for generations and generations.

Great Grandpa didn’t slap together his barn in a weekend. He took great pains to plan and build it. Many times more thought went into building his barn, than building his house!

He moved on to the homestead and spent the entire first winter felling trees. He selected trees that best suited their positions in the framework of his barn. Then carefully he hewed timbers out of those trees. With each axe stroke, each twist of the brace, and every careful layout.

Logs on a trailer
  • He formed a livelihood.
  • He asserted his independence.
  • He lived the American dream.
  • He built a barn that would stand against rain, wind, hail, heat, and snow.

Maybe you had a great grandfather like this, maybe you didn’’t but, you appreciate him for his abilities.

When you look at an old barn you can’t help but wonder about the person who created it. You can see his character reflected in it. You respect him. He made wise decisions and created something of value.

You to can create a traditional barn that has value. From a company with traditional values.

What will people think when they look at your new timber frame barn? You don’t have to wonder, you can know without a shadow of doubt.

When people see your new post and beam barn they will say Wow! What a great barn you have created!

*They will respect you!

*They will see your unique style reflected in your barn.

*They will be amazed by your barn creation abilities!

But, I can’t create a barn like that!

Sure you can…..don’t worry we will help you. All you need to do is ask. We will listen.

Tell us what you want in your barn and you will have a barn that gets the WOW!

After all its your barn, and your ideas go into it. You deserve the respect for creating it.

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