Story by Lou Hebert in Perrysburg Ohio

My appreciation of old barns began when I was a child. While I did not grow up on a farm, like so many of my friends and family, my heritage was deeply rooted in farming and the land.

As a young boy while on frequent visits to my uncles and grandparents who were still farming in rural Ohio. I spent a lot of time exploring the barns and learning an appreciation for them. I found there was always something that comforted me when I was inside one of grand structures.

Whether helping to feed the hogs or milk the cows, or just playing with the other cousins. No matter how cold it was outside, the barn was always warm and left me with many warm memories.

A few years ago, as a documentary producer I tried to pay homage to these wonderful artifacts of our heritage that to this day still fascinate me with their sense of beauty, history and purpose.

Below is part 1 of my video documentary on some of the old barns I found in Northwest Ohio. From this video you can find the others on You Tube.