Michael Conroy


I have several oak trees over a couple of acres that I need to take down. Some of them are too close to the house. Others are too close to the driveway. Some are 16-18″ diameter at the base. Many are 12-14″. I can drop them and split them for firewood, but we really heat with oil and use the fireplace for ambiance. That’s a lot of ambiance.

I’d like to know if it would be cost effective to have a portable sawmill guy come and convert this to lumber. Things I don’t know:

1. What is the maximum beam length I’d need? I can move 10-12′ logs around the property OK. Anything bigger and I need either a bigger machine or better friends.

2. How much lumber can I get out of a black oak given 30-40′ of trunk that meets or exceeds a 12″ diameter?

3. Not sure how fast the mill guy is, but he wants $125/hr. This may not be up your alley, but would THAT be cost effective vs just buying lumber?

4. Finally – is all of this effort worth doing or am I better off kicking ambiance up an notch and just getting lumber from a local mill? I just hate the idea of burning all this hardwood and not putting it to better use.

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