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Barn terms and their definitions

Bay – This term refers to the open space between the bents of your barn kit.

Bent – This term refers to one section of framework made up of posts and beams. Bents are spaced 10 or 12 feet apart.

Board and Batten – This is the vertical siding of your barn. They are full dimension rough cut 1″x10″ boards and 1″x3″ battens.

Girts – Girts are rough cut full dimension 2″x6″ timbers and are nailed horizontally from post to post.

Knee Braces – Knee braces are the short angled pieces that support the posts and tie beams. They are rough cut full dimension 4″x4″ or 6″x6″ timbers with precut angles

Loft Decking – These are rough cut full dimension 1″ thick boards. They attach to your loft joists and make up the floor surface of your loft.

Loft Joists -These are rough cut full dimension 2″ thick boards. They attach to your tie beams and support the loft decking.

Posts – These are the upright support timbers that run from the foundation to the tie beams and rafter beams. They are full dimension 6″x6″ rough cut timbers.

Purlins – Purlins are rough cut full dimension 3″x6″ timbers that lay horizontally from rafter beam to rafter beam.

Roof Sheathing – These are rough cut full dimension 1″x8″ boards. They attach to the purlins on your barn. They run vertically from the peak to the eve and provide a surface for your roofing material.

T-Plates – T-plates are 3/16″ thick steel brackets shaped like a T. They are predrilled to match the predrilled holes in your timbers. They are used to connect your posts and beams in various places on your bent.

Tie Beams – Tie Beams are full dimension 6″x8″ or 6″x10″ timbers that run horizontally from post to post. They help support the roof, walls, and loft of your barn.

U-Bracket – U brackets are 3/16″ thick steel brackets that are formed to fit on the bottom of your posts and attach to your foundation. They are predrilled and come with wedge anchors for attaching to concrete. They also provide a barrier between your posts and the concrete so that no wood touches concrete.

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Jay Bell 40×60 Gambrel Build

Jay Bell 40×60 Gambrel Build

Jay Bell Posted to the Barngeeks DIY Facebook Group 2/27/23 My wife and I moved from New Hampshire to Texas in 2018 after retirement. In New Hampshire we owned an antique home built in 1840 that had a 40’ X 60’ bank barn attached to the house, which was my inspiration...

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Barn Interview: John Casper

Barn Interview: John Casper

"Probably the most gratifying part of this whole project is every time someone new; friend, family, associates, what have you, come step through that door for the first time, people I've known my whole life or people I've just met just through work associations or...

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 Ancient Jib Pole, A Game Changer for Your Barn Project

Simple Jib Pole saves Your Back and Your Wallet!  My sister and her husband are building an off grid Barn Home, AKA a Barndominium on a raw piece of land, this will be their forever home. Their plan is to do so with as little cost as possible, while maintaining a High...

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5 Steps to build a Barn Business and beat Big Lumber

1. Assess the local market.This kind of business is easiest to run in the country, however there might be an Urban Market, in your area. It’s really an appealing product anywhere, you just have to identify what marketing angle works best for your area. You might have...

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3×4 chicken coop with solar power

Built this coop from the free plan - reduced the size a bit. It can be moved around the yard - has wheels on a single axle in the centre. Light activated door is operated with solar power

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Old red barn paint safety

Hello, We recently bought a rustic house that is finished with beautiful barn siding on the walls. They have quite a bit of remnant red paint. They are from an old barn in Iowa, and I have no idea how old they are. In much of the area, the red color seems to have...

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