Build it yourself pole barn kits

How to build your own pole barn kit or post and beam barn kit.

This isn’t your everyday, average pole barn kit. This is a traditional style post and beam barn kit. This is about how to build something your neighbor doesn’t have. Something unique that reflects your style, not a cookie cutter barn, but a real eye pleasing timber frame barn.

So let’s get into the nuts and bolts of building your own post and beam barn.

Here is how it works, step by step.

You will see just how easy it is to build your own traditional barn. These steps assume that you already have your foundation done and are ready to start building. These steps are designed to show you just how easy it is to construct your barn.

Step One

Assemble your bents(the frame of your barn). This is simple to do. First look at your plans and determine which timbers need to be placed where. The timbers are all clearly labeled and the plans show where they go in the framework of your barn. Using a fork lift place all your timbers in there proper locations according to the plans. Lay them out on a level surface and bolt them together with the bolts and steel plates.

Step Two

Raise your bents. Using a heavy telescoping forklift raise your bents and place them on the foundation. Nail 2×6 braces to your posts and anchor them to the ground or foundation. Then bolt them in place using your U brackets and foundation bolts.

Step Three

As your bents are raised tie each of them together with 2×6 girts and 3×6 purlins.

Step Four

Nail your roof sheathing and board and batten siding in place.

Step Five

Install your roofing. It is important to get your barn weather proof as soon as possible. If you have chosen to use Ondura roofing this will be an easy process. Your roofing comes in sheets and is light weight. It even comes with its own handy guide on installing your roofing.

Step Six

Hang your doors and install your windows. Hanging your doors is easy. You simply bolt your track and hardware in place. Then simply slide your doors rollers into the track. Install the end blocks and your done. Windows are easy to. All you need to do is cut the rough opening, frame with 2×6’s and install your window in the frame. Then trim the windows with some 1×3 battens. The great thing about a post and beam barn is that you can put windows almost anywhere. No need to add headers, a timber frame is self supporting. It doesn’t rely on the walls for support.

Step Seven

Build your loft and stairs. Nail your loft joists 16 inches on center. Then cover them with 1×8 loft decking and nail it in place. Now build your stairs. Follow the step by step instructions for building your staircase.

Step Eight

Enjoy your barn and celebrate. Invite friends and family over for a good old fashioned barn raising party. Take lots of pictures and share them with us at Upload your pictures and share your story with the world on the web. Send a link to all your friends on Facebook or in your email address book.

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