Planning a barn:

12 Steps to the barn of your dreams!

1. Browse our site and pick your favorite barn style.

2. Think about what size of barn you want, and any questions you might have for us.

3. Email us for a custom quote for your barn. Let us know about what size and style you might want and any extras you would like included. Let us know what you plan to use your barn for and any goals you might have for it. This will help us understand your needs.

4. Once you have a proposal that you are happy with, send us a signed copy of your order along with a 20% down payment.

5. After receiving your order we will get started on your drawings and plans. This process takes 1-2 weeks.

6. You may want to contact your building department and other local authorities to begin the permit process. If you have a contractor they can handle this for you. Get quotes from several contractors, and keep in mind the cheapest contractor may cut corners, leaving less than desirable results.

7. You will receive from us an email pdf file of your plans to look over, review them with your contractor and building department to determine if any changes need to be made.

8. Give us a call or email and let us know of any changes that need to be made. We will make the changes and send you a final draft of the plans in pdf. Full size printed plans are available upon request.

9. Once you receive your final plans it is time to send the 50% deposit. This begins the production stage of your kit. Over the next 6-8 weeks we will be in the process of manufacturing your kit. Take this time to make any site preparations that you need to make such as clearing brush, bringing in fill, leveling the site, and constructing the foundation. Get with your contractor and determine when you would like to take delivery.

10. Call us to set your delivery date. Send the final 30% payment one week prior to delivery.

11. When your barn kit arrives. You may begin the building process at any time. Be sure to follow the steps in your construction guide. Feel free to call us with questions at any time.

12. Send us feed back and let us know how your project went. Send us pictures of your barn. We love to see them.

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Solid Steel Plate Timber Brackets

We have put together all the hardware you need to build this majestic post and beam barn! All the plates, brackets, and timber screws are there.

Learn more details and how to get your DIY Hardware Kit...

steel hardware

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The Ideal Horsebarn

The Ideal Horsebarn

Picture This: In the heart of a rolling countryside, nestled among whispering trees and fields of wildflowers, stands a timber frame barn that embodies rustic elegance and timeless charm. Its sturdy wooden beams, weathered by years of standing tall against the...

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Cutting Timbers in Advance: What is the best size to cut?

Cutting Timbers in Advance: What is the best size to cut?

Question: Aaron- Thank you for all the helpful info on your website. I just recently purchased a bandsaw mill and am going to start cutting timbers for later use. I am years away from thinking about a specific barn design but know I want to create these post and beam...

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Barn to Barndominium, The Secret’s in the Loft

Barn to Barndominium, The Secret’s in the Loft

Hey guys, Barn Geek here. This knee wall is one of those difficult things to translate from plans to real-world scale. That knee wall on the plans looks short, and people might think they won't have much room. I am approximately 5 foot 10, or 5 foot 8. This is our...

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