Project by Tom Brawley in Exeter, R.I.

In the middle of building this coop as I type this. I have made several changes to this plan and I’m just using the basic design. I have a large stack of salvaged lumber I have been stock piling for years for projects like this chicken coop. I changed the size to 5′ x 8′ and increased the hight just a bit so I don’t have to crouch when I go inside. Also attached the 4″x 4″ legs to 4″x 4″x 8′ horizontal skids and cut the ends on a slant like skis so it can be dragged and also I can attach wheels to the skids to make it a chicken tractor. So it is basically a free coop but for the nails and the hinges. I am attaching the coop to a 10′ x 10′ x 8′ tall welded wire kennel that hasn’t been used in years. So I cleaned it up and so far it is coming along great will send a picture when it is painted and purdy. Thank you for sharing! With the economy the way it is more people are struggling and for many of us doing it our selves is the only way!