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Why are post and beam barn kits better than pole barns?

Well, would you rather have this?

Or This?

Pole Barns, are cheap, easy to slap together, and designed for human convenience, not creature comfort.

You know what they are. You’ve seen them on the big corporate farms. You’ve seen them in the backyards of your neighbors. They pop up in a weekend, and look like they did! What’s worse is that they all look about the same!

Next time you are taking a drive in farm country, take a look around. You won’t have to look long and you will find many old timber frame barns that are 100 to 200 years old! You will also find some pole barns that are 20-40 years old. How do they compare? Which legacy do you want to leave?

Whoever thought putting wooden poles in the ground to support a building was a good idea?

That wood is going to rot, treated or not. Here is a simple fact that I bet you didn’t know. Treated posts are only rated for 40 years in the ground.

That’s it 40 years!

That’s not even one lifetime!

What about you horses? What kind of a horse barn kit would you prefer? If you were a horse, that is. Farm animals are Gods creatures to, aren’t they? Don’t they appreciate beauty like we do? Wouldn’t they be happier in a really nice timber frame barn than in a cheap pole barn?

What about you? What do you want to see when you look at your barn? If you are planning to spend any time at all in your barn.

Wouldn’t it be a better happier experience if your barn had some character?

Some warmth, Like a real wood barn does?

What about your kids or grandkids? What kind of barn memories do you want them to have?

What about the value of your land? Which barn kit do you think would add more value to your property? A real wood post and beam barn kit or a cold metal pole barn kit?

Have you ever looked up at the ceiling in a modern metal pole barn? If you have than you have seen all that wasted space that is filled up with trusses. Wouldn’t you rather have the extra space for an office, studio, an apartment, hay storage, or just a place to put some extra things?

Your Michigan Heritage barns kit is designed to make the most use of that space and includes a full loft and stairs!

Do you want to just build a pole barn? Or do you want to have a genuine old time barn raising? A barn raising is an event that can bring friends and family together! Everyone will want to see your new post and beam barn kit go up!

Traditional post and beam barns have no wood below ground level and have no harsh chemicals to pollute the ground. No wood to ground contact means a lot less chance of wood rot.

What about the safety of your animals? Have you ever listened to a really pounding thunderstorm in a pole barn? The noise of the driving rain hitting the steel is deafening!

There is no wood there to insulate the noise out. Just a very thin sheet of tin.

What about when one of those sheets of tin loosens up in the wind? Every time the wind blows you here the bang, bang, bang of metal to metal. Just imagine sticking your head inside a steel barrel and banging on it with a hammer.

Do you want your livestock to experience that, every time there is a storm?

Our would you prefer a safe warm environment shielded from the harsh weather?

A real wood post and beam barn can provide just that kind of shelter.

So the real question here is which barn is better to you?

What is the price of a pole barn?

Or a better question might be: What is the cost of having a pole barn? What is the value a real wood barn to you? Wouldn’t you rather invest a little more now, to get something really nice?

How much better are the post and beam or timber frame barns that last for generations and generations. Built proudly by great-great grandpa.