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Barn Wood Furniture Projects and Other Uses for Barn Wood

Share your barn wood furniture projects. Using barn wood for your projects is good for us all. You are recycling and carrying on a piece of history. Have you used barn wood for a project? Maybe you put reclaimed wood flooring in your house, or finished off your basement with barn siding. Did you build a farmhouse dining table? Or a new entertainment center for your home? New cabinets?

Barn wood can be used for many different projects. Share your projects here to inspire others to do the same. After all the more of this beautiful antique lumber is re-used the less of it will end up in landfills or a victim of a match. Inspire others to use barn wood so that our great farming heritage will live on for generations to come.

Don’t forget to share any tips you may have for working with old barn wood. Take the knowledge you have gained and pass it on to others.