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These Backyard Shed Kits are made from 100% locally harvested Eastern White pine lumber. These aren’t the outdoor storage sheds you are used to, they are Timber Framed all wood storage sheds.

For about the same price as those cheap, slap it together big box store sheds, you can have an outdoor storage shed that is the envy of your neighborhood. We use full-dimension rough-cut timbers in our wood shed kits, just like we do with our barn kits.

So, what do you need to build your own backyard sheds?

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Our Shed Kits include: the posts, beams, girts, purlins, 1×10 board and 1×3 batten siding, and RSS screws to assemble the frame.

Our Shed Kits do not include: foundation, roof sheathing, roofing material, windows, or nails/screws for the siding.

Delivery is available in Central Michigan only.

Feel free to email us at info@barngeek.com for more information on your new Barn Geek Timber Shed Kit.

Check out the video below to see the barngeek family building our own shed for our dogs and chickens!