4×4 Chicken Coop Plans

4x4 chicken coop plans model front

Use these plans to build a chicken coop with these 4×4 chicken coop plans that can be easily disassembled moved and reassembled in your back yard.

This cute coop looks similar to a miniature barn or shed and can be painted to match other out buildings.

See what other people have done with their chicken coops.

This chicken coop design includes a nesting box and two side upswing doors. You have the option to have access doors in the front and the back of the coop. The coop is elevated to give your chickens a nice little spot to fluff there feathers in the cool shade and just do the things that chickens do.

Enjoy your backyard chickens with peace of mind knowing that you have built a coop that will protect them from predators, and provides a place for them to lay eggs in comfort. Imagine just how great fresh eggs are going to taste from the Happy Hens living in your own backyard. Dowload these plans now and get started on that new backyard chicken coop.

It would be very simple to add a walk-in run to this coop as well. Putting fencing around the bottom of the coop could allow a shady area for your hens to dirt bathe and cool down on warmer days. Your chickens will be happy and healthy with a safe dust bathing area.

This coop also works well as a chick starting coop. You may want to add insulation while building your coop if it will be chilly when you get your chicks. This coop is the perfect place to start raising your chickens.

If you plan to allow a broody hen to hatch chicks in this coop you can be sure the nest boxes will be comfortable for her. This coop will be a safe warm place with plenty of space to put food and water within reach of your broody hen.

Below is a low-resolution preview of the plans you will receive with the chicken coop plans library.

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