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Our Horse barn kits are more than just barns,

they are designed to be a home for your horses

You will spend countless hours in your horse barn, training, grooming, and loving your horse, so why not make it a comfortable space for both you and your horse? Our post and beam horse barn kits will give you years of use and will beatify your land. You will spend so much time in your barn enjoying your horses and the space they live in, that you might just get jealous and wish you had one of your own to live in. If so we can help with that to. But first, lets focus on your equine barn. Lets start with the outside. Below you will find the different styles of barn kits we offer. Look them over and pick the one that suits your tastes best


Here is our High top horse barn. This is the classic Kentucky horse barn style, and for good reason. Its design is perfect for housing equine.

The Gable barn design has a rich history and has been used for horse stables for centuries. It is truly an American classic.

Here is our Gambrel barn. Its ample loft space allows for more than adequate hay storage. The Gambrel is great for horses and any other livestock.