Plush house for the girls

Project by Karen in Suffolk, england I found your plans and decided to use them for my new chicken house, as they seemed so simple. I changed the width and used old scrap wood for most of the build, mainly an old shed and some fencing I had sitting around. The only...

Chicken coop in Virginia

Project by Dan in Virginia  I followed these plans and the coop turned out great. I made a few modifications. I skipped the windows, and made the legs about another half foot taller so the chickens would have plenty of room underneath. went with the metal roof. Really...

Plans were Great! Love our Coup.

Project by Owain Elliott-Sowaal in Pacifica, CA, USA The Plans were great. I started it with my 3 year old daughter, trying to involve her. It was quite a fun project, but I pretty much did it alone. I did modify the plans a bit. I wanted the coop to be taller. I...

Tim’s Coop

Project by Tim in Tracy, CA I have 8 four week old chicks and needed a coop I could build on a weekend. I used the plans and made some minor adjustments. Thank you for having these plans on the net. It was perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Tim racy, CA

Cedar chicken cabin

Project by John Davis in Goodyear, Arizona, USA Built with cedar lap siding and rough sawn cedar trim. This will house our 6 buff orpingtons in a few more weeks. They will have a fairly large area to run free in and coop up at night. Thank you Barn Geek for the plans.

Chicken Chateau

Project by Trevor Roth in Rutland, ND My wife decided we need some chickens for our little farm so I told her I'd build her a coop. After looking at multiple designs I fell in love with the functionality of these coops so I put together one based on the main design...

Our First Coop

Project by Thomas Corn in Middletown, NY Five years ago we decided to raise chickens for eggs. So I had my wife find a picture of a coop she liked and I was to copy it. When I was finished the coop looked nothing like the picture, basically I took the idea of having...

Chicken Fortress part 2

Project by Tom Brawley in Exeter, R.I. U.S.A. I am sending some additional pictures of my progress with building the Chicken Fortress. I call it a Chicken Fortress because the majority if the wood is 2"x 8"s and 2"x 10"s that is what I had salvaged. It is one heavy...

Chicken Fortress

Project by Tom Brawley in Exeter, R.I. In the middle of building this coop as I type this. I have made several changes to this plan and I'm just using the basic design. I have a large stack of salvaged lumber I have been stock piling for years for projects like this...

First Timer Gomer Style

Project by Evan in Gomer, OH I stared at plans on here and looked at everyones coops trying to figure out what direction I wanted to go. I am a woodworker but not a carpenter some of this was new to me but I had lots of barn siding, and rough cut maple so i planned...

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