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Michigan Heritage Barns: The Birth of a Barn Company

michigan heritage barns old barn

Here in Michigan with the advent of large corporate farms, and the emergence of round bales, the traditional barn has outlived its practical farm use.

The old barn has fallen into disrepair and is crumbling. More and more of these majestic old buildings are fading from our landscape. A piece of our history and heritage is dying with them.

I remember as a child there was an old barn for every 40 acres of land……

Now just 20 years later more than half of them have disappeared from the land. They have been victims of the bulldozer, neglect, or fire.

There is still hope. Many of the barns are still in good enough shape to save.

Most of the owners though, lack the resources to save them on their own.

Other barns have gone so far that they can’t be saved as a whole, but they can be saved in parts. Their beams and boards can be reused as fireplace mantles, furniture, hardwood flooring, trim, wall coverings, and a lot more.

As the owner of Michigan Reclaim Lumber I’ve worked hard over the years to recycle as much lumber from the old barns as I possibly can, but there was more to be done…..

We set out to create a replacement for the old barns that have faded away. This pursuit resulted in the birth of Michigan Heritage Barns.

These barn kits are designed to be an affordable worthy replacement for the barns of yesterday. Their big timber frames reflect the spirit of the American dream from a bygone era.