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Anyone who has a barn knows that a barn isn’t just a barn — these treasured buildings have a timeless character and charm. So why not give them that extra special touch with a unique barn quilt or custom art piece that will enhance the natural appeal of these landmarks and bring them the proper attention they deserve?

Hello! We’re Priscilla and Jane, and we’re the artists behind the Barn Art products featured on Barn Geek.

We offer a variety of art on this page that is suitable for outbuildings like barns, garages, storage sheds, or that little shack out back. Check out our traditional barn quilts, hand-drawn mandalas and mariner’s compass stars, or venture further outside the box with our innovative designs.

You’ll be amazed at all of our design and size options!

We’ve got you covered if you want to achieve that classic barn quilt look. We offer traditional rustic quilt patterns in a variety of vibrant color schemes, but if you are looking to really stand out in the countryside, you’ll love our hippie-chic, bohemian-inspired works of art. These eccentric designs take barn quilts to a whole new level! 

We have four dimension options available for order: 2’ x 2’, 3’ x 3’, 4’ x 4’, and 8’ x 8’. So regardless of the application, big barn or small, we have a size for all. Additionally, you’ll have both square cut and circular cut designs to choose from! And if all of these options aren’t enough, feel free to ask about the possibility of a custom order at [email protected].

Why buy from us? It’s simple. QUALITY MATTERS.

As you shop around for that special piece that best suits your cherished structure, be sure to consider the difference in quality that we offer with our materials and printing process versus other makers that you will find selling barn quilts and outdoor signage online. 

  • Unlike our competitors who use wood or MDF/MDO as a base, which are both subject to water damage, rot, and decay, we utilize PVC (sturdy plastic) and JBOND (aluminum with a plastic core) substrates. These are the industry leaders when it comes to the most durable signboard materials.
  • Our designs are printed directly onto the substrate so the image is permanent. This means that there won’t be any chipping, peeling, or cracking like you’ll find in time with painted surfaces or vinyl coverings offered by other sellers.

Buyer confidence is priceless.

There’s no denying that Mother Nature will always be relentless in reclaiming what’s hers, and all physical things will surely decay and break down with time. However, you can choose to invest in a product that is more likely to stand up to the elements so you can enjoy your barn quilt or art as long as possible. Our barn decor is created passionately, yet manufactured professionally in order to do just that.

And there’s more! It’s not all about barns…

As geeked as we are about barns here at barngeek.com, the applications for our art are actually limitless. Here in the shop you’ll find several coaster sets that we are starting out with, but there are endless options for indoor or outdoor decor or DIY projects. View the photo gallery below that shows some of our products on display and being repurposed.

And if you ARE all about the barns (and proud of it), be sure to add one of our stylish Barn Geek hats to your cart!

Stay tuned as we continue to expand our apparel and gift offerings in the future.




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