Good Morning! We have your 20x30 gambrel with 10ft shed plans. I’m trying to locate a calculation for size of piers. Can you please advise? Thanks and Happy Easter!

Insulating an OLD barn

We recently bought a historic ranch with beautiful 100 year old barns! They are structurally sound but very drafty, to the point snow drifts in. We're in Colorado near a mountain peak at 8500ft elevation, so we get blizzards and a lot of wind. We would like to...

I have a lot of oak trees. Is it cost effective to use this lumber, to build a barn?

Hi, I have several oak trees over a couple of acres that I need to take down. Some of them are too close to the house. Others are too close to the driveway. Some are 16-18" diameter at the base. Many are 12-14". I can drop them and split them for firewood, but we...

Finishing the eves

As I was looking through my plans I had a couple questions. It’s looking like the material is actual dimensions , am I correct on that ? Just wondering so I have the beams sized for the metal brackets . The other thing I noticed by looking way ahead as I often do , is...

Snow Loads

Hello, I was just wondering if you know what the snow loads are for these barn kits? Very interested in building one with my sawmill but looking at all the details before I pull the trigger. Thank you, Abraham Liebel

Building a barn

I noticed on one of the pictures for a Gable Barn you show dormers. Can they be added to plans? I don’t see any plans with dormers. I want to build an event center barn. To get the most out of the space upstairs I want to add dormers. Thanks,Mary

Teton Barn Plan and Kit

Asked by Bill Dial from Whitefish, Montana   What is the cost of the Teton Barn Kit (42X50) delivered to Whitefish Montana? How many sets of plans come with it? I want to build a barn/shop this summer and need to get started. I assume you recommend the barn being...

Renovating a barn

Asked by Dave from Minnesota   We have a 100 year old barn on our property that we would like to renovate for our daughters wedding. In total it is a 70' x 75' barn structure. The center section is 30 x 75 and it is a true post and beam piece of art. The ceiling...

Barn Siding

Asked by Jim from Albemarle, NC   Looking at the pictures on your website it seems most of the new barns are using board & batten siding. Looking at the old barns it looks like just vertical boards. I want the old look of just vertical boards for a barn I'm...

How can I find rough cut lumber?

Asked by Mark   I can't find 6x6" full dimension lumber here? Are post anchor brackets available in 5.5'' (finished 6x6)? If so, what is the price? Thanks,Mark

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