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24×30 Dairy Barn Plans

These 24×30 Dairy Barn Plans are great for the small farm or homestead that has a few goats or a cow or two to milk. There is room in the loft for hay storage, and room for 3 10×10 stalls in the lean to.

There are 4 bents and 3 bays in this barn. There is 14′ of clear span There is lots of room to work 1140 square feet including the loft and it will only take up 720 square feet of space on your property.

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Solid Steel Plate Timber Brackets

We have put together all the hardware you need to build this majestic post and beam barn! All the plates, brackets, bolts, nuts and timber screws are there.

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Hardware Kit for this barn includes….

8 T plates with bolts/nuts

8 Plus (+) plates with bolts/nuts

12 U brackets with bolts/nuts

125 ct 3/8 x 8″ RSS screws

300 ct 5/16 x 5 1/8″ RSS screws

275 ct 5/16 x 4″ RSS screws

Total Price: Bare Steel $1,764.72 plus shipping.

Powder Coated Black $1,988.72 plus shipping.

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